Sunday 7th June, 2020


PPSC Jobs 2020 – Advertisement No.13/2020





PPSC Jobs 2020 – Advertisement No.13/2020


PPSC Jobs 2020 – Advertisement No. 13/2020. The detail of the Postions are given below:


  1. Assistant Director (Town Planning) (BS-17)
  2. Senior Registrar Dermatology (BS-18)
  3. Senior Registrar Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery (BS-18)
  4. Senior Registrar Neonatology (BS-18)
  5. Consultant Anesthetist (BS-18)
  6. Audit Officer (BS-17)
  7. Account Officer (BS-17)
  8. Junior Clerk (BS-11)
  9. Assistant Director (I.T WING) (BS-17)
  10. Deputy Director (Technical) (BS-18)
  11. Accounts Officer (BS-17)
  12. Assistant (BS-16)
  13. Inspector (BS-16)
  14. Stenographer (BS-16)
  15. Assistant Director (Investigation) (BS-17)

General Instructions

  1. For PPSC Jobs Negative marking shall be done and 0.25 mark shall be deducted for each incorrect answer in alt Objective (MCQs) papers.
  2. For all posts to be filed through written teat followed by interview or interview alone, the number of chances shed be restricted to three. However, if an applicant qualifies for the interview but isn’t recommended for appointment because of number of vacancies, his/her chance of selection shall not be considered as availed however chance of an applicant who does not qualify the competitive test or interview can be considered as availed. For the positiion of Lecturer in Education Dept, a candidate who’s applicant for multiple subject, shall be allowed three (3) chances in each subject for which he/she is an applicant in accordance with above policy.
  3. In case, e candidate claims experience of private firm / entity, he / she must bring proof at the time of interview that the firm / entity ts registered with SECP, Registrar of Firms of any other Regulatory Authority, failing which his / her application shall be rejected.
  4. The applicants will ensure that after applying to a post he/she will immediate apply for Departments Permission Certificate know as No Objection Certificate (NOC) and shall provide the DPC at the time of interview (if called).
  5. The applicants who apply for a particular position advertised by the Public Service Commission will ensure that they have obtained or applied for registration in PEC/PNC/PMOC/PVMC or other relevant body for Registration Certificate (RC) before the Closing Date and provide it at the time of interview (if called)
  6. The candidates wit ensure that they will provide marks obtained / total marks or percentage certificate of all degrees at the time of interview.
  7. CGPA is not acceptable.


The advertisement is published in The Nation Newspaper on 7th June, 2020 and last date to apply online is: 22nd June, 2020. Apply online by visiting PPSC Website.