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Chief Risk Officer Job at Sidat Hyder HR Consultants




Chief Risk Officer Job at Sidat Hyder HR Consultants

Chief Risk Officer Job at Sidat Hyder HR Consultants


Chief Risk Officer

Chief Risk Officer Job at Sidat Hyder HR Consultants. One of the largest banks of the country is inviting applications against the following position from professionals with proven track record and capacity to perform as a catalyst for transformation in a challenging environment in the area of Credit Management.

The individuals who fulfill the below-mentioned basic eligibility criteria may apply for the following post:



Main Responsibilities

  1. To be responsible for individually reviewing credit proposals for Corporate, Commercial and SME clients and recommending for approval to the Credit Committee and Chief Risk Officer after appropriate structuring and sizing in line with Bank’s Risk Appetite Framework (RAF).
  2. To present credit proposals in the credit committee alongside the business and ensure that all key concerns and issues are addressed rigorously. Ensure compliance of credit proposals with RAF, ratings policy, classification and SBP guidelines.
  3. To be responsible for ensuring consistent and rigorous implementation of portfolio management, risk appetite, early problem recognition, classification policies etc. across the assigned client segments.
  4. To manage oversight of all SBP engagements on regulatory issues pertaining to the end to end credit risk management process of the Bank.
  5. To deliver consistent ongoing improvement in turn-around-time for credit reviews and proposals while ensuring that all portfolio issues and agreed actions are tracked and executed expeditiously. Coordinate development and presentation of industry credit reviews for key sectors ensuring appropriate target market focus and risk appetite.
  6. To engage broadly in a leadership role along with business stakeholders in the development of various risk policies, procedures, ratings, stress-testing tools, risk appetite frameworks etc.
  7. To develop and implement structured portfolio management & risk appetite frameworks at an institutional & sector level.
  8. Review and approve Credit proposals received from Business Groups and ensure submission of high quality credit proposals to the Credit Committee and/or BoD as appropriate.
  9. To formulate credit and risk policies and procedures and communicate them down the line with the approval of BoD where required.
  10. To review trends in Credit portfolio on an ongoing basis and suggest measures to Business Groups to improve the quality of the portfolio.
  11. To ensure ex-Post Facto reporting, appraisal and maintenance of proper record for future reference and audit purpose.
  12. To monitor national and overseas credit portfolio of bank as per assigned responsibilities.
  13. To provide guidance to corporate centers and regional offices on relevant policies, frameworks and structure of facilities
  14. Oversight and reengineering of the Credit Administration (CAD) Function and all related activities
  15. Oversight and approval of activities and proposals related to the Asset Recovery Group.
  16. Implementation of Industry Credit reviews for key sectors in the bank


The advertisement is published in Daily DAWN Newspaper on 5th July, 2020 and last date to submit application is 14th July, 2020. Send your application online to: Apply hereĀ 

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